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Sometimes in life you have to make a choice. Serenity happens. It just takes some effort and action. Peace and Serenity are real things. A frown uses more energy than a smile. Anxiety can make you do funny things. Want a way out? Se Habla Espanól. Life is not just gray. Find some color. Learn how to manage your anger! There is a way out. Licensed by The Deptartment of Children and Families. Here is some color. Picture this after some counseling. Naples has beautiful sunrises! Find your way out through counseling in Naples. Multilingual Staff at Collier County Counseling These are the good rocks.

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Collier County Counseling center is a privately owned agency, serving Collier County and Naples for over 16 years. We offer Diversion Program Classes, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Treatment,DUI, and other Counseling sessions.Fees are based on a sliding scale. We are licensed by the Department of Children and Families and our agency also works with the 20th Judicial Court System. All confidentiality standards maintained. We offer a multi-lingual staff. All staff members must have extensive background testing and are licensed and certified in the State of Florida. We have over 25 years of experience.

If you or a loved one has a drug problem call us today to find out how we can help and get you the treatment you need.

Fees and Languages

Fees are based on a sliding scale. All counseling is offered in Spanish, French, and Creole.

Contact us with any questions. We will be happy to assist you.

You can call us at: 239-417-0181 or send us a fax at: 239-417-0930

Co-Occurring Substance Abuse FAQ - Naples, Florida

Mental and substance use conditions often co-occur. In other words, individuals with substance use conditions often have a mental health condition at the same time and visa versus.

Approximately 8.9 million adults have co-occurring disorders; that is they have both a mental and substance use disorder

Only 7.4 percent of individuals receive treatment for both conditions with 55.8 percent receiving no treatment at all.

Integrated treatment works Integrated treatment or treatment that addresses mental and substance use conditions at the same time is associated with lower costs and better outcomes.

We welcome your inquiries and hope to be of service to you in Collier and Lee Counties.

Services Available

  1. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Assesment and Treatment
  2. Low Cost, On-Site Drug Testing and Breathylyzer
  3. Domestic Violence Assesment and Counseling
  4. Anger Management Assessment and Programs
  5. Life Skills for Women
  6. Parenting Programs
  7. Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations
  8. Family Relationships Counseling
  9. All Counseling Offered in Spanish, French, and Creole